Real Estate Investment

Creating value for the long-term

Our Process
No matter if it’s purchasing an existing asset that needs focused rehabilitation and management enhancement, or developing a ground up project, Crystal Peaks always looks at assets from an investment perspective. We always ask ourselves if we can arbitrage the asset and the labor/materials to provide risk adjusted returns for our investors and ourselves, and maximize its value and cash flow.
This perspective broods a culture of disciplined selection of investment opportunities, rigorous underwriting, and disciplined financial analysis here at Crystal Peaks. This is the cornerstone of who we are as a company, and the start of all successful real estate investments.
The Details
We look at literally hundreds of opportunities per year and only a few get selected for pursuing. We leverage our strong industry and broker relationships to dig up opportunities were we believe there is a dislocation in value that can be created, and what the asset can be acquired for. No investment is without risk. At Crystal Peaks we pursue quantifying risk with the best information available to us, and provide this information to our investors in a succinct manner to make an informed decision. We pride ourselves in thorough underwriting, we understand and analyze growth, market analysis, financial markets, complex environmental issues, construction, buildings, and can organize the information expeditiously to make an informed decision.

We are focused, and we know our markets.

The Types of Assets are currently sourcing follow

Existing apartment assets to reposition and enhance management

Apartment developments that are in the mid approval process

Ministorage investments for repositioning, and development opportunities

Infill land sites in the Seattle area for apartment development